About JGbike

Wyoming, USA 

The Beginnings -

2 founders - David Jason & Frank Gao

They are both MTB enthusiast and becomes friend at the college time in Casper, Wyoming.
A state of USA which is covered mostly by the ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountains.

David is from local Casper and Frank is from TAIWAN where almost all named bikes made from。

Back to those times, they love to ride in the wild trails, periodically visited bike shop looking for upgrade & replacement parts and usually gave up since can not afford the price, it did decline a little their passion and have to stay on old setups or low-end system. This is one of the reasons they started thinking to turn hobby into a business.

In 2008, Frank returned to Taiwan and took over family business - bicycle OEM assemble for small & medium brands in America & Europe. When David paid a visit to the core of bicycle supply chain, they restructured the business as “JGbike” after surname Jason & Gao, stands for Just Great bicycles. In the meantime, expanding the assemble business to China Mainland due to labor cost. David runs marketing across America and Frank remains in Asia supply chain.

Since 2015, JGbike opens a remote operation location in Claymont, Delaware;

Since 2018, JGbike opens a warehouse in Sacramento, California;

2022~2023, in progress to have a new location in Austin, Texas;

Casper, WY will alway remain as our HQ.


The Reality -

~ 17-20 million bikes were sold per year;

~ 364,000 bicycles are produced per day;

~ 100 million bikes in United States;

~ 75%-99% population owns a bicycle in main EU countries;

Behind the scenes of all the bikes in the market: Surprisingly, more than 80 percent of mid to high-end bikes are manufactured in Taiwan or by Taiwanese factories located in other parts of Asia, including mainland China and Vietnam. This fact solidified Taiwan's position as the hub of the bicycle supply chain. Renowned brands like TREK, Specialized, Commercial, YT Industry, NSbike, Santa Cruz, Scott, and many others rely on Taiwanese factories or those in other Asian regions for their manufacturing needs. Even brands that claim to be locally manufactured often import parts from Asia to assemble their bikes, thus circumventing higher tariffs imposed on whole-bike imports.

Respectively big brands demand higher price for it’s design & technique, but a little too complicated.

  • Same manufacturing process with significant high retail price just for a logo;
  • Medium/high price come with one/two-level downgrade drivetrain system;
  • Immediate upgrade needed for a new bike to pay add. high cost on labor & parts;


Our Mission -

JGbike (Just Great bicycles) established with a mission:

Make it easier for more people to enjoy riding

  • Offering competitive products at the most affordable price with basic profits to keep the business running;
  • Support everyone who need repair, upgrade owned bikes with FREE selected parts for life saving;
  • Support local workshops with 0 pressure to keep in-house stock when parter with us;
  • Sell bikes with lifetime warranty on selected parts replacement for FREE;