Giveaway Program

If you are Interested in getting free but used products, please READ the QAs:

1> Who will be eligible for this program?

Follow with
Follow with

Has an account in with valid shipping info:

Tag @ 2 new riders in comment to claim you need it.

2> What products would be given from this program?

any products from:

any products from:

3> Where the product come from?

the product includes warehourse identified as not new or customer returned products identified as not new, they could be 99% as new, or completed unfunctional, even an unexpected item due to Fake Returns from bad people (candidates would automatically get the other giveaway products in terms of compensation).

4> Any limits on candiates who are interested in?

we would announce specific destination country for each giveaway.

5> How to join the lucky draw for the given products?

leave your comments under the "Giveaway" POST, something like "I need it";
open an account and register your shipping address;
our teammate will do the lucky draw, then the announcement will be also posted in the comments by @ the users.

6> Basic rule for the lucky draw?

you have to have a bike which fit the products we given, or prove you are building a bike is.

it's FREE and like "Blind Box", we don't expect much questions on the products and criticism when condition is not satisfied.

7> Other notice?

The given products could be single/bundle/pack/batch etc. it apply to riders or bike shops. The shipping would be slow since there are low priority orders.

To be continued...