Support Sponsorship

If you are a frenquent bike rider or running an online/offline bike business(shops), please READ the details:

Now it is Toll simple - Anyone could be eligible for FREE bike parts supported by JGbike when you build/replace them, only long terms supported partners/friends would be upgraded to Sponsored riders. No shame, the only thing you do is to ASK~

For Riders, The sponsorship program JGbike created is for supporting & encourging riders to share more exeperience with the global bike community, also create a network for motivated people to make influence on others, in order to promote bicycle as a health, advanture sports;

1> How to get supported as a rider?

Direct message @jgbike.official on instagram/tiktok/facebook/youtube or email to, let us know what(type) of bikes you ride and what parts you need for build/upgrade, our team member will evaluate and response, don't hesitant even you just have 0 post or followers;

Once you got approved, place an order on and choose "Sponsored only" in checkout, submit without payment requirements.

2> Am I sponsored and what is the difference from supported?

A sponsored rider would be communicated specifically and was selected from supported riders who regularlly promoted our brand, and you will see @jgbike.official in their bio info; We appreciated supported riders put @jgbike.official into bio although it's not required;

Basically there is no product type limits for our sponsored riders, and they also get early access to new products we launch and test; Supported riders can still ask for products occasionally but will be limited on type.

3> What are the products covered?

Products with logo/brand under JGbike or our premium brand Alaudark;

Sponsored list would be updated periodically:

4> Can I get free product and exchange with reviews or video?

As (we'd like to be) a decent company, we don't send free product and ask for testing (we have own downhill team for product testing) or exchanging reviews; instead we support free products for athlete, sole or families riders, lower your cost when new build, upgrade, etc.

Remember trading product VS reviews is illegal, if you feel products are good and you share, we appreciated!

5> We do you expect from supported and sponsored rider?

We appreciate your post including @jgbike.official, #jgbike #alaudark #jgbikegiveaway and ask riders to follow @jgbike.official, @alaudark.


For Business, The Supplymental program JGbike created is for helping local bike shops or re-seller workshops, enter the bicycle business with 0 pressure on local storage, 0 efforts on marketing and struggling on selection.

1> How do a re-sell business join?

Ping us and introduce youself and we will make a plan for you;

2> How to become a JGbike authorized distributor? 

Ping us and introduce youself and we will make a plan for you;

3> What are the products covered?

All products which are available in our catalog/online shop;

Authorized distributor list would be updated periodically: