Like Shimano brake but Sram shifter?

Like Shimano brake but Sram shifter?

Brake and fingering integration technology is a new technology in mountain biking in recent years, this technology is much favorited by riders, because it can provide you with a neat handlebar and reduce some of the weight, especially when we aggressively move into the simple speed with single chain ring, the integrator brings more meaningful advantages.


As the industry leader Shimano and Sram have introduced their own brake and dial-up integration technology, in this regard Sram years ago the first to introduce Matchmaker Compatible integration technology.

Although Shimano started a bit late, they developed 3-generation I-spec (I-spec) specs within five years. It is clear that the integrated technology of Shimano and Sram is not compatible with competing rivals. In order to use brake levels and finger-dial integration techniques, many of us will choose the brake set and finger shifters that match the brand's set. However, as many experienced riders reflect, relatively speaking, Shimano's brakes have better linearity and good stability While Sram's finger-shifting feel is hale and heartily more preferred, and Sram has been leading the revolution in monorail since 2012. It seems that the reasons for choosing Sram for the moment will be more adequate.

However, when we choose Shimano brake matching Sram fingering, we have to give up brake and fingering integration technology, which we have to say is a pity.

 JGbike® introduced MI series integrator to solve the above problems. MI series integrator can be integrated into the SRAM finger dial shifter and Shimano brake level ring.

 The MI Series integrators are engineered to fit the integrated Sram dial shifter and Shimano brake level. We tried a variety of Shimano brake and Sram dial relative to the perfect position of the integration to avoid interference, and ultimately determine the best position, brake and shifter to maintain the best ergonomic match, allowing you to ride with a strong brake feel and wonderful speed shifting experience.

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