JGbike Solutions - 12 Speed Hub driver for Shimano Micro Spline Freehub DT Mavic Hope

  • Solutions: Micro Spline is a new freehub standard that uses a 23 spline interface for Shimano 11 and 12 speed MTB cassettes.which means you have to buy a completed new wheelset. With our new conversion kit, you can easily to convert your current HUB to the Micro Spline body;
  • Compatibility:The kit was designed for replacing your current 11 speed 12 speed HG hub body(claw is not included), we offer solutions for wheel set from DT SWISS 350 240 180, MAVIC, HOPE and Industry Nine;
  • ALL Tested:The product has been just showed on EUROBIKE 2019 and been reported by SingleTrack, each solution been installed onto the hub and run riding test;
  • Low Cost: While the Shimano 12 speed hub and wheelset is much more expensive, with our solutions, you can save you money for upgrade the driven system;